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10.4"Industrial Panel PC
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Computer & Accessory  -  Tablet PC
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basic info
 10.4″Industrial Panel PC

·10.4″Industrial Panel PC(PPC-1000) is a Industrial Tablet PC with high brightness 10.4" LCD.
·the latest low-power motherboard, 160G high-speed hard drives.
·10.4″Industrial Panel PChas a network interface, four USB ports, four serial ports , VGA interface, audio interface,PS / 2 keyboard / mouse interface.
·PCI uses the extended form, it can extend a CF card ;10.4″Industrial Panel PCbrightness and contrast of the LCD screen can be adjusted, and has standby power saving mode.
·Advanced structural design, convenient installation. Installation method is compatible with panel type, wall-mounted, VESA standard support arm and so on.
·A cooling fan is installed in the chassis. Thermal performance is good. The product structure is very compact and robust, its vibration and resistance is good, so it is reliable.
·10.4″Industrial Panel PC (PPC-1000)is a cost-effective industrial grade tablet PC, can be widely used in the communication, control terminal of the electric power, manufacturing, finance, traffic monitoring and so on.
Driver disk shelf      3.5" or 2.5" HD(optional)
USB interface      4x USB interface(one USB interface is used by Touch screen.)
keyboard and Mouse   Support 1xPS/2 Keyboard and 1xPS/2 Mouse
Power         120W AT/ATX on/off DC8-28V
operating system     Support Windows, NT, UNIX, LINUX, NOVELL, DOS, etc.

structure        Embedded structure
panel         10mm thick high-strength aluminum alloy panels and steel shell
color         Industry Gray(Optional)
Dimension       350mm×276mm×65mm
Gross weight      5.8KG

Operating temp     -10℃-50℃
storage temp       -20℃-60℃
Humidity         10%-90%、40℃ Non-condensing
Vibration        5-17Hz,0.1inch double amplitude displacement;17-640Hz,
1.56 peak-peak acceleration
Impact         10G peak-peak acceleration,the duration is 15ms in the X,Y,Z.
EMC          FCC/CE Class A
mainboard         Embedded
CPU         onboard mother board Intel ATOM 1.6GHz CPU
memory         1GB up to 2Gb
Display controller     15" (1024×768)color TFT LCD
Ethernet         Onboard Realtek 82551ER 10/100Base-T Ethernet controller
2x RJ-45 LAN input /output :
Input/Output:        4* COM,1*LPT,1*PS/2 for kb.mice

power     workload    calibration
AC 180V~   output   MIN(A)   MAX(A)   LOAD   LINE
240V input   +5V    1   12      ±5%   ±1%
+12V    1   14     ±5%   ±1%
+3.3V    1   14    ±5% ±1%
-12V     0   0.5    ±10%   ±1%
+5VSB   0   2     ±5%   ±1%
Display             TFT
Active area            304.1 X 228.1
Resolution             1024×768@75Hz
colors               16.7M
pitch             0.297(H)×0.297(W)
BRIGHTNESS           300cd/㎡
Viewing angle           65/65;45/55(L/R;U/D)
Brightness control          OSD control
Backlight             MTBF 50000hrs
Touch screen(optional)
Type                 5-wire resistive
optical transmission          76%±2
light transmittance          80%-90%
Operating pressure           25G(general standard)-35G
Yang resistance characteristics    300
the average displacement difference 1%
Interface             USB/COM (optional)

Ordering information
1:PPC-1000 10.4″industrial Panel PC,w/CPU: 1.6GHz,w/RAM: 1GB,w/HDD:320G,w//12V 6A power adapter
2:PPC-1000T 10.4″industrial Panel PC,w/CPU: 1.6GHz,w/RAM: 1GB,w/HDD:320G,w//12V 6A power adapter,w/touch screen

Our company also produce a variety of 10.4"Panel PC,welcome to call for more information.

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